Talon CNC 1240 Bed Mill

Industrial Performance in a Bench Top CNC Mill
Beats Personal CNC in Features, Speed and Performance

The SmithyCNC 1240 Bed Mill matches the capacities of larger mills – even while having a smaller footprint and lower price. Industrial level components give the 1240 speed, power and precision that cannot be matched by “personal CNC” machines built for hobbyists and DIY machinists. Built from the ground up to quality standards set for higher priced CNC mills. Designed and built to provide small shop manufacturers with a quality CNC mill that is flexible, versatile and guaranteed to pay its own way.

Why Choose a CNC 1240 Bed Mill?
  • Precision - linear Z and Turcite X, Y more
  • Largest Capacity bench top CNC more
  • Versatility - 60 to 6000 RPM
  • Industrial Grade CNC Control
  • Best Service
  • View more features
The Turnkey CNC 1240 Bed Mill Includes:
1240 Bed Mill

Bridgeport Capacity – 12” x 40” Table

3 HP Servo Spindle Drive, Single Speed Range, 60-6000 RPM

Linear Bearing Z Axis, Turcite X and Y

State of the Art Mill Head Design – Versatile but Accurate

Talon CNC Control Hardware

High Resolution Steppers – higher precision and smoother finishes

250 Inch Per Minute Rapid Feeds

Industrial Standard Safety

Dedicated Hardware Handles Time Critical Functions

Talon CNC Control Software

Hard “Real Time” Operating System

Machining Wizards, Macro Programming

Industry Standard G and M Codes – CAD/CAM Compatible

Machine Stand and Coolant System

Solid, Stable Machine Stand

Coolant Catch System w/ Backsplash

Coolant Pump and Tank

Operator Station and Rolling Tool Stand

Monitor, Keyboard, cables, connectors

Built-in E-Stop and USB ports

Durable, Portable Tool Storage Stand

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