Granite 3-in-1 Combo

Machine it Yourself
  • Make or fix parts in your own shop
  • Save or make money
  • Do it fast - save time
  • Big power and high precision
Why Choose a Granite?
Precision Machine Shop - On your Bench Top
Most Machining involves one of three basic operations.
You can do it all on a Granite 3-in-1 machine!
LATHE turns horizontally.
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Use the Granite's lathe to cut round or cylindrical pieces from metals as hard as high carbon steel to materials as soft as plastic or wood. Turn outside and inside diameters to precise dimensions. Do facing cuts, taper turning, cut inch and metric threads. With the lathe you'll create parts that would be difficult, if not impossible to do on any other type of metal working machine.
MILL turn vertically.
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With the Granite's mill you'll machine smooth flat surfaces at precise angles. Use the micro-feed controls to set the depth of cuts to create shoulders, grooves, dovetails, and pockets. Mill keyways, slots, gear teeth and more. Granite machines have variable speed mill heads so finding the right speed for milling is easy, not matter how complex your job is.
DRILL moves up & down.
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Use the Granite's Drill Press to drill, ream, and bore holes up to 1.5" in diameter. The drill head rotates a full 360 degrees and can be raised to accommodate large work pieces. It has all the capabilities of a standard drill press plus the ability to coordinate drilling. Drill and mill interchangeably on the same project without resetting your work. And with the Granite's variable speed drive you can drill, counterbore, countersink, and tap screw threads without stopping to change the drive belts.

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