MIDAS COMBO Lathe⋅Mill⋅Drill

Big Features – Small Size – Great Value
  • Make or fix parts in your own shop
  • Save or make money
  • Do it fast - save time
  • With Smithy quality and warranty
  • Industry best service and support
Machining on a
Complete Machine shop
on your Bench Top
    Why Choose a Midas?
DO MORE - Than you ever thought possible!
Make or fix most anything - The only limit is your imagination
Make money and save money - just like these happy midas owners
HOMEOWNERS Fix ANYTHING around your home, yard. garage including cars, appliances, toys, plumbing, more.
Ron put obsolete windows in working order.
"I made the small plastic parts I needed to repair my vintage aluminum windows with my Smithy."
Ronald B., Kettering, OH
MODEL MAKERS Build motor mounts, drivetrain parts, custom wheels, and deck fittings. Go all out and replace plastic parts with metal.
James Finds building trains easy & fun.
"I build model trains. I use my Midas 1220 to work on axles and that sort of thing. It's easy and fun to use."
James F., Denver, CO
AUTO RESTORERS Can't find original replacement parts? Restore like a pro by modifying existing parts or making new ones from scratch with a Smithy.
Mike makes things you just can't buy over the counter.
"I've installed a motor and am making all the custom chrome goodies, things you can't buy over the counter."
Mike W., Westminster, CO
GUNSMITHS Machine nearly everything on a rifle, shotgun, pistol, or revolver with a Smithy. Mill sights, jewel a rifle bolt, taper and chamber a barrel, more.
Bob wants only the best.
"I require the best equipment to make the best guns. The Smithy does that for me."
Bob M., Butte, MT
RACERS Make or repair parts for racing cars, motorcycles, boats, and more. Ask the winner at your next race: he probably owns a Smithy!
Custom Parts made easy on the Midas
"There's a lot of special studs, shoulder bolts, custom axles, spacers and whatever that are not likely to be in stock if they exist at all. I can whip one out on the lathe in an hour ."
Michael C., Covert, MI
WOODWORKERS The Smithy works , too. Turn round or square wooden workpieces with less chatter and vibration than light, ordinary wood lathes.
Jim made 28 bowls on his Smithy.
"I am very satisfied and recommend the Smithy to anyone. I've made 28 bowls of various sizes and materials: walnut, pecan, cherry, ash, oak, more."
Jim D., Owasso, OK
Of course, possible uses for a Midas machine are not limited to these eight applications.
What would you do with a Granite machine in your shop?
Give us a call, we are interested in your ideas!

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