Benchtop Metal Lathe MI-1440L

Benchtop Metal Lathe Smithy Gear Drive Big Bore Lathe

Ultimate Gear Drive Big Bore Lathe
MI-1440L 14" X 40" Heavy-Duty Bench Metal Lathe
2 HP (110/220 Volt) - 2" Spindle Bore - Precision
Heavy 14” x 40” Lathe. This benchtop metal lathe has big power and heft for heavy-duty turning. Designed and built with the weight and features to take care of big jobs - efficiently and accurately. Easy operator functions on this benchtop metal lathe add to the value. Smithy level quality and support makes this lathe a great value.
Unique Features:  1) 2" spindle bore allows for larger diameter stock. 2) 110/220V Power;  Choose the voltage this fits your shop best. 3) FREE machine stand and Foot Brake.  4) Easy mount D1-5 Chuck  5) Heavy foundation for optimum vibration damping.
Used By:  Schools, small shop machinists and small manufacturers have been relying on their Smithy benchtop metal lathe to keep them making and fixing parts - reliably and accurately, for nearly 30 years.  You don't need to be a machinist to get started turning parts.  You need to be curious.
Smithy Quality is Tops:  Smithy designs and builds some of the best machines.  We pay attention to details, all through the process.  Smithy is well-known for it's after sales service and two year warranty.  Each machine is inspected twice - before it leaves the factory and before it leaves our warehouse in Ann Arbor, MI to head your way.
Smithy MI-1440L Lathe
Heavy-Duty 14” x 40” Gear Head Lathe - 2" Spindle Bore
Durability and accuracy are built-in to this benchtop heavy weight. Operate using 110V or 220V power.  Big spindle bore allows for 2" stock pass through.
Smithy has lathes in the field that are over 25 years old and are still going strong. 1100 lbs. of cast iron give the best foundation for low vibration and high accuracy. Power feeds, gear diven speed changes, and accurate, easy-to-read dials add to this awesome lathe’s ease of use. Don’t forget about Smithy’s 2 Year Warranty and industry leading parts support.
Product Summary:
  • 2 HP - 110/220 Volt
  • Heavy - 1100 lbs.
  • Heavy Cast Bed w/ Hardened Ways
  • Includes: Lathe Stand with Foot Brake AND Coolant Pump/Reservoir ($579 Value)
  • 2" Spindle Bore
  • D1-5 Chuck - Easy Changes
  • Power Lead and Cross Screws
  • Quick Change/Built-in Oil Bath
  • Removable Gap - 19-2/3” Swing
  • Steady Rest/Follow Rest
  • Excellent FREE Tool Pack
  • See Features and Specs Tabs for More Product Details
Warranty Coverage:
  • 2 Years Parts Warranty
Smithy MIDAS means:
  • Rugged Design
  • Quality Built In
  • Inspected Twice
  • Best Service Support
The best gear drive lathe value
- for over 25 years!
Machine Stand with Foot BrakeSolid base for this heavy duty machine.  FREE Foot Brake Included
Heavy Cast Bed with Hardened Ways1100 lbs. of cast iron provides serious vibration damping. Induction hardened bed ways ensures resistance to wear.
Gear Drive Power TrainHeavy cast gears put power directly to the spindle for maximum torque - with black gear for left hand thread cutting.
EZ Operate Spindle ControlNeutral, forward and reverse are conveniently located on machine apron for operator convenience.
Power Feed on Lead Screw and Cross FeedAutomatic feed beats manual feed for precision and smooth, accurate finishes.
Norton Style Gear Box25 years of Smithy experience has shown the USA Standard Norton style gear box to be the most accurate gear box for inch machines. Proven to be superior for maintenance, durability, and ease of use.
Quick Change Gear BoxAllows for easy thread selection and better performance - cuts setup time in half.
Removable Gap BedRemoving the gap plug allows you to turn work pieces up to 18-3/4” in diameter.
Steady Rest and Follow RestAn important accessory for supporting long, flexible work pieces.
Large Spindle BoreAllows up to 2” work pieces through the headstock. Great for gunsmiths and auto.
Offset TailstockManual offset and lockdown allows for cutting angled tapers.
Threading Dial and Half NutMakes for easy, accurate thread cutting operations.
Cutting ThreadsRight hand and left hand threads. Also inch and metric. Had change gears for metric thread cutting.
8” 3-Jaw ChuckIncludes two sets of jaws - inside and outside. Chuck bore is 2". D1-5 black plate is installed on the chuck.
8” 4-Jaw ChuckHeavy and solid for working with interupted cuts. Reversible jaws able to grip work pieces in multiple configurations. Chuck bore is 2". D1-5 back plate is installed on the chuck.
12” Face PlatePlenty of room for mounting uniquework pieces - use with lathe dogs as a drive plate.
Chuck GuardIncludes OSHA required and approved lathe chuck guard.

Featured Specifications

Spindle Bore
Motor Size
Electrical Requirements
Chuck Size (3 and 4 Jaw)
Chuck Mounting
Swing Over Bed
Swing Over Carriage
Swing With Gap Section Removed
Distance Between Centers
Headstock, Gearbox, & Apron Lubrication
Handles, Hand Wheels & Levers
Work Light
Stand with Drip Pan & Splash Shield
Spindle Guard
1.5 HP2 HP
110 VAC or 220 VAC (Convertible)110 VAC or 220 VAC (Convertible)
9 Amps @ 220 Volt / 18 Amps & 110 Volts9 Amps @ 220 Volt / 18 Amps @ 110 Volts
6" 3-Jaw and 8" 4-Jaw8" 3-Jaw and 8" 4-Jaw (2" Chuck Bore on both)
Industrial Standard "D1-4"Industrial Standard "D1-5"
Oil Bath with Reservoir and Site GaugeOil Bath with Reservoir and Site Gauge
Metal Construction, No PlasticMetal Construction, No Plastic

Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements
Connection Type
Motor Type
Motor Power
Motor Amp Draw
110V/220VAC, Single Phase (Convertible)110V/220VAC, Single Phase (Convertible)
Plug & CordPlug & Cord
6-15P 220 Volt (supplied), 5-15P 110 Volt (not supplied)6-15P 220 Volt (supplied), 5-15P 110 Volt (not supplied)
5-15R for 110 VAC, 6-15R for 220 VAC5-15R for 110 VAC, 6-15R for 220 VAC
Induction Type A/CInduction Type A/C
1.5 HP2 HP
18 Amps @ 110 VAC / 9 Amps @ 220 VAC18 Amps @ 110 VAC / 9 Amps @ 220 VAC

Mechanical Specifications

Spindle Speed Control
Number of Speeds
Available Speed
Longitudinal Travel
Cross Travel
Compound Travel
Tailstock Barrel Travel
Tailstock Taper
Distance Between Centers
Swing Over Carriage
Swing Over Bed
Swing Over Removable Gap
Spindle and Chuck Bore Diameter
Spindle Nose Taper
Spindle Nose
3-Jaw Chuck Diameter
4-Jaw Chuck Diameter
Feed Screw Pitch
Longitudinal Feed Rates
Cross Feed Rates
Number of Inch Threads
Inch Thread Pitches
Number of Metric Threads
Metric Thread Pitches
Tool Size
64, 130, 210, 380, 460, 790, 940, 1300, 150084, 140, 230, 360, 430, 700, 1150, 1850
0.0047”-0.1316”/ rev0.002”-0.0548”/ rev
4 to 56 TPI4 to 112 TPI
.025 to 7.5mm.04 to 7.0mm
1/2” or 5/8”1/2” or 5/8”

Physical Dimensions

Machine Weight
Machine Size
Shipping Weight
Shipping Crate Size
Shipping Crate Material
860 lbs1114 lbs
22" W x 25" H x 64" L26" W x 26" H x 70" L
970 lbs1245 lbs
30" W x 36" H x 70" L30” W x 36" H x 76" L
MI-1440 Gear Drive Lathe - FAQ
Who buys these lathes from Smithy?
Schools purchase quite a few. Military organizations, R & D labs, and small machine shop/production shops are frequent buyers. The machines are designed and built to be good enuough to use in parts production settings - the reality is that, because the price is so reasonable, these lathes are popular for the home shop buyer.
Is the tool pack helpful?
The FREE tool pack is intended to give you a basic tool set-up to get you started when you get the machine. It’s a balanced set of tooling, but you will likely need more tooling once you figure out specific projects you want to do.
What do you mean by “Inspected Twice?”
Each lathe is inspected by trained company employees at the factory - PLUS, a second complete inspection is performed at our warehouse in Ann Arbor, MI before it is sent to the customer.
Why are these lathes better than others on the market?
For a machine tool to be truly great it must have attention paid to every step of its development - design, production, quality control, testing, and after sales support. Other benchtop lathes you'll find typically don't have this level of quality committed to every step like these MIDAS lathes.
How long have you been selling these lathes?
Almost 30 years.
Do many lathe buyers also purchase milling machines?
Yes, the MI-1440L lathe matches well with the MI-409MZ milling machine - a machine shop combo that was built to last. Many customers buy this combination.
Why Should I buy a Lathe From Smithy?
  • Rugged Design
  • Quality Built-In
  • Inspected Twice
  • Best Service, Warranty & Support
The best gear drive lathe value - for over 25 years!
Do I need to be a machinist to use the machine?
Many buyers of these lathes don’t have machining/turning experience - what they have is the need to make parts. Usually they already have something in mind they need to make. What is needed is a commitment to learn and curiosity. It will take time, but you will figure it out. We have a set of machining training videos on our website - you can usually find classes at a local community college or vo-tech school. Get a machine and get going! You won’t be disappointed.

Smithy Machine Shipping - FAQs

1. Basic Shipping Info

Machines within the continental US (lower 48 states) are shipped with a freight carrier - either YRC or Estes Express.
We offer 3 delivery options: Basic, Business and Deluxe. All machines and accessories that are in stock will ship out within
48 hours of purchase. Once shipped you'll receive an automatic email (if provided) with tracking information for the designated
freight carrier (YRC or EST). For pricing to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, please call for a shipping quote.

2. Basic Delivery – Pick up from terminal

This delivery method will bring the machine to the freight terminal nearest you for pick up. Once the machine arrives at the terminal, they'll call you to let you know it's ready for pick up. They will load the machine into an open bed pickup, cargo van or trailer. You will need to bring with you an ID and proof of purchase which will be sent to you during the sales transaction.

YRC Terminal Nearest You

Click here to find the nearest YRC Terminal 

Estes Express Terminal Nearest You

Click here to find the nearest Estes Terminal 

3. Business Delivery – Forklift

The freight carrier will bring the machine directly to your business for easy offloading without notification - they assume if it is being delivered to a business that the business will be open during normal business hours. For this delivery method, you must have a forklift and your business must be semi-trailer accessible. If you are unsure about semi-trailer accessibility please contact the terminal to discuss options.

4. Deluxe Delivery – Residential

Lift gate curbside delivery -- the freight carrier will lower the machine to ground level, curbside, at the end of your driveway. They will generally use a box truck with a lift gate. That is not 100% guaranteed, so if your residence doesn't have box truck accessibility please contact your local terminal to discuss options. Also, there must be someone home to sign for delivery.

Click here to find the nearest YRC Terminal 

Click here to find the nearest Estes Terminal 

****The driver will not help you move or setup the machine. Please note that this delivery method will be an additional $70 charge on top of standard shipping rate.****

5. Shipment Tracking

Once your machine has left our warehouse, you'll receive an automated email with the tracking/PRO number. You can visit the Estes website at or the YRC website at to track your shipment and know when it has arrived to the destination terminal. The terminal will not call you to let you know your shipment has arrived at the terminal or when it will be delivered to your business of choice. ONLY WITH LIFTGATE/RESIDENTIAL DELIVERY: Once your machine has reached the destination terminal, you will be contacted by a representative from the terminal to schedule a delivery window for drop off with the lift gate truck.

6. Shipping Prices

$269 - MI-1220 and MI-1230 LTD
$269 - Granite XT 1324
$329 - Granite XT 1340
$329 - Stand Alone Mills and Lathes (MI-329M, MI-409MZ, MI-1337L, MI-1440L)

***All stands - $80 to ship with machine, $140 without machine***

***Lift-gate delivery – Additional $70***

(Pricing is for the lower 48 states only, please call 800-476-4849 for pricing to any other locations or rate quotes on any machines not listed above.)

7. Transit Times

Shipping times will vary around the US. We ship directly out of Ann Arbor, MI 48103. To find out your specific travel time, click on the following link to the Estes website Transit Time Calculator

Deluxe delivery usually requires an extra 1-3 days to schedule a delivery appointment according to the vehicles route schedule.

8. Parts and Accessories Shipping

Accessories and parts are shipped with UPS and USPS the *SAME DAY* if ordered by 1pm EST. Machine Stands, Super Indexers, and Rotary tables are all shipped via freight carrier due to the size and weight and will require an extra shipping charge. All Accessories and parts are shipped standard ground unless otherwise specified.

9. Shipping to Canada

We offer two different options when dealing with customs, duties and taxes going into Canada. The first option is to act as your own servicing agent, we'll sell you the machine and ship from our location to the border; contacting a broker and paying duties, taxes and fees is up to you. The second option would be an all-inclusive package where we take care of everything for you; your job is to prepare to receive the machine when delivered. Please give us a call to get a shipping quote - the quote will include the cost of freight, GST/HST, and customs border crossing fees. 

10. International Shipping

Depending on the country in which you live, we will quote and ship to the port nearest you. Forwarding from the port to your door will be your responsibility, as well as paying import customs and taxes to your government. You must provide the machine you are interested, with any accessories, valid contact information, a ship-to address, and the port nearest you to obtain a quote. Please give us a call or email to discuss your options.

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