The Rotary Table - Curves Ahead (DVD)

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Mini Machines 202: The Rotary Table: Curves Ahead plus SpinBuddy software. This video will show you how to use a rotary table to cut circles, curves, arcs, as well as to perform precision repetitive operations such as bolt circles, gear and sprocket teeth, scale engraving and more. It will show you how to set up, calculate and use your mini rotary table.
Topics include: Introduction and Safety, Setting Up the Rotary Table, Varying Degrees of Degrees, Dialing Degrees, Minutes and Seconds, Dividing Plate Setup, Dividing Plate Calculations, Bed Plate Basics, Using the Rotary Table Horizontally, The Quick Indexer Fixture, Laying Out and Visualizing Offsets, and Installing and Using the SpinBuddy Software.
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