Vise - 3" Screwless Sine

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3" Precision screwless sine vise. Jaw width is 3.15", jaw depth is 1.25", jaw opening is 4". The base size is 7.638" x 3.15" and the vise weighs a solid 17 pounds. The center distance of the cylinders is 5.000". Hardened and precision ground to a tolerance of .0004" for both parallelism and squareness. Sine range: 0 - 60°. Jaw can be opened or closed without unbolting vise from work surface. Hold the vise to the work table with straps and clamps, 35-000, or with toe clamps. It can also be held in the 3" and 4" and 5" Superlock vises. K99-310, K99-320, and K99-330 respectively.
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