Milling Packs


With the clamping set and V-blocks, you will be able to anchor and hold almost anything to your mill table. The double-ended mill set and fly tool cutters will have you facing and slotting materials all day long. Milling Pack includes: 53-Piece Clamp Set, V-Block & Clamp Sets, Double End Mill Set (3/8" Shank), Fly-Tool Cutter Kit, and 1/2" Collet.
K99-041 KITMilling Pack (Granite 1300 Series)$225.00
66-260R8 Collet 1/2"$10.99
35-00052-Piece Clamp Kit - 7/16”$91.29
K99-140Fly Tool Cutter Kit$39.99
57-420Double-Ended End Mill Set$49.56
34-010V-Block and Clamp Set$46.10
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