Granite I-MAX and Elite Lathe Pack


If you are looking to branch out into more lathe work, this Pack is for you. These tools put close tolerances, turning, threading and cutting within your reach. This pack includes: MT3 x MT3 Extension Socket, 6” Independent Four Jaw Chuck, 1/2” Cutters-one size of each, Carbide Indexable Boring Bar Kit (this kit does not include a Boring Bar Holder but the holder is included in the I-MAX Quick-Start Tool Pack that comes with the machine), 60° Center Gauge, Inch-Screw Pitch Gauge, Self-Ejecting Chuck Key.
K99-028Lathe Pack (for Granite 1300 I-MAX & Elite Series)$349.00
K99-102K99-102 -- 6” Independent 4-Jaw Chuck (Granite 1300 Series D1-4)$182.00
18-060Screw Pitch Gauge - Inch$9.95
18-08060 Degree Center Gauge$6.95
40-000Self-Ejecting Lathe Key$23.45
43-000Carbide Bit Set 1/2"$14.95
47-500Boring Bar 1/2"$65.99
47-510TiN-Coated Insert for 1/2" Boring Bar$14.99
47-520Boring Bar Holder$35.99
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