Carbide Tip Tool Bit 1/2"


Turn at higher speeds with these carbide-tipped tool bits. While superior for high heat and high speeds, carbide is more brittle and must have adequate support in your toolpost. 1/2” or 7/16" Shank.
K99-2101/2” Carbide Bit Set (Includes 2 each AR8, BR8, AL8, BL8, and E8)$24.95
43-011Carbide Cutter AR8 1/2”$2.99
43-012Carbide Cutter AL8 1/2”$2.99
43-013Carbide Cutter BR8 1/2”$2.99
43-014Carbide Cutter BL8 1/2"$2.99
43-015Carbide Cutter E8 1/2"$2.99
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