Ordering Parts and Service Issues

Smithy Machine - Parts Ordering Procedure

When first ordering parts for your Smithy, we require you to call in to consult with a technician before placing a repair part order for your machine.  We do not currently allow parts orders online.  It is important for us to be sure you have the correct operator’s manual and an understanding of your machine’s operation and repair.  We want to be sure you get the right parts.

Once your machine is registered by a technician, you will be set up to place future orders again by phone 800-476-4849 or by email to support@detroitmt.zendesk.com. 

Technical Support

Please email support@detroitmt.zendesk.com to create a service ticket. Please include your name, phone number, machine model number, and a list of issues or parts that you need help with. Your ticket will be entered into a list that will be answered first come first served. 

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