This is a repair procedure to correct the problem of the lathe/mill selector not staying engaged in either the lathe or the mill positions. The object of this  procedure is to remove #22 and deepen the lathe and the mill detents so the ball and spring 20 & 21 can hold the machine in the proper engaged position.  Please refer to page 86 of the Midas 1220 manual or to page 82 of the midas 1220XL manual.  These pages will  show an exploded view of   the  lathe head  and  the  item numbers will be referenced in these instructions.  Unplug  the machine before beginning any maintenance procedures.   If   further   information   is required please cal Smithy at 800-476-4849.
  1. Remove the 3 screws 30 from the sleeve 29 and then remove sleeve 29.
  2. Straighten the locking tab on 27 and then use a hammer and punch to loosen and remove the round nut 28 and the locking tab.
  3. Remove left clutch jaw 26.
  4. Remove shaft sleeve 18.
  5. Remove the 4 screws and washers 36 & 35 from the face of the bearing cap 34.
  6. Pull the bearing cap 34 and clutch jaw 22 out as an assembly.
  7. Key 25 and screw 33 are holding the above assembly together. You can move the clutch jaw in and out of the bearing cap. Look on the clutch jaw on the side  opposite of the screw 33 and you can see the detent holes for the lathe and the mill. The lathe detent is exposed when the clutch jaw is pushed all the way into  into the bearing cap. This is the milling position. Pulling the jaw out will expose the mill detent and simulate the lathe engaged position. If either of the detents  does not feel like it is holding you have 2 potions.
  8. A. First try drilling the detent slightly deeper. Remember, you can not replace material once it is drilled out. Drill a very small amount at a time and check the  detent after each drilling operation. The jaw should catch in the detent but not difficult to move out of the detent.

    B. THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL!!  Once you have the detents deepened, you can remove the screw 33 and  this will  allow you  to pull  the jaw out  from  the center  of   the bearing cap. NOTE: the ball 21 and spring 20 are located inside the center diameter of the bearing cap through hole. They will come out when the jaw is   removed. The key 25 will also fall out. Take note as to their position and do not loose them. Stretch the spring slightly to put more pressure against the ball and  the detent. Reassemble the ball, spring, key, jaw,screws and bearing cap. 

  9. Coat at parts with a light oil before assembly.
  10. Install the bearing cap and jaw clutch assembly.
  11. Install the shaft sleeve, left clutch jaw, lock tab and round nut.
  12. Use a punch and small hammer   to  tighten  the round nut.  This  is setting  the  load on  the bearings  for   the  lathe spindle.  With  the drive belt removed,   the spindle should spin  freely when rotated by hand but should not run on more that 2 revolutions when spun hard. 12.Bend over the locking tab,  install the  plastic outer clutch sleeve and try the lathe clutch in both positions before running the machine.
  13. Install the drive belts, plug the machine in and check the operation of the lathe and mill.
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