Safety Information

Your workshop is only as safe as you make it.  Take responsibility to all who used or visit your machine. These lists of rules are by no means complete and  remember that common sense is a must.
  1. Know your machine.
  2. Read this manual thoroughly before attempting to operate your machine. Don’t try to do more than you or your machine can handle. Understand the hazards of  operating a machine tool. In particular, remember never to change speeds or set-ups until the machine is completely stopped, and never operate it without first  rolling your sleeves or tying them at your wrists.
  3. Ground the machine.
  4. The MI-1220 LTD has three-conductor cords and three-prong grounding-type receptacles. Never connect the power supply without properly grounding the  machine.
  5. Remove all adjusting keys and wrenches from the machine before operating.
  6. A chuck key or misplaced Allen wrench can be safety hazard.
  7. Keep your work area clean and organized.
  8. Cluttered work areas and benches invite accidents. Have a place for everything and put everything in place.
  9. Keep children away from the machine while it is in use. 
  10. Childproof your shop with padlocks, master switches, and starter keys, or store the machine where children do not have access to it.
  11. Wear appropriate clothing.
  12. Avoid loose-fitting clothes, gloves, neckties, or jewelry that could get caught in moving parts. If you have long hairs, tie it up or otherwise keep it from getting into  the machine.
  13. Use safety glasses, goggles, or a face shield at all times.
  14. Use glasses designed for machinery operation; regular glasses will not do. Have extras for visitors. Know when to wear a facemask and earplugs, as well.
  15. Check for damaged parts.
  16. Make sure the machine will run properly before operating it.
  17. Disconnect the machine before servicing and when changing accessories.
  18. Shut power off before making changes, removing debris, or measuring your work. Don’t reach over the machine when it’s operating. Keep your hands out of the  way.
  19. Avoid accidental starts.
  20. Turn the switch to OFF before plugging in the machine.
  21. Secure your work.
  22.  Flying metal is dangerous.
  23. Loose work can also bind tools.
  24. Use the recommended accessories.
  25. Understand how to use them before trying them out.
  26. Use the correct tool for the job.
  27. Don’t try to make a tool into something it isn’t.
  28. Keep your mind on your work.
  29. Pay attention to these simple rules and you will spend many safe, enjoyable houses in your workshop.
Note: Your safety depends largely on your practices.
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