This document covers the installation wiring for the 1200 and 1200XL machines. It also covers both the lathe and mill motors on the 1200LTD.
There are two styles of motors.
  1. 4 terminal motors
  2. 6 terminal motors
Both type of motors are wired the same except that on the 6 terminal motor, the two terminals furthest from the motor shaft are not used.
  1. Remove all jumpers from the new motor. They are used only for running the motor in 1 direction only and MUST be removed before installing the motor on any  Smithy 1200 series machine.
  2. There will be two wires from the switch that are the same color. Attach these two wires as shown below.
  3. Attach the two remaining wires as shown below.
  4. If the motor runs backwards in relation to the switch, reverse the two same color wires.
Wire colors may not be consistent between machines and switches but there will always be two wires the same color.  The only requirement  for  proper  installation is that  the two same color wires be installed diagonally from each other. As shown in the two diagrams above.
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